Protecting against Cyber Security threats

Newsday published a post on October 22, 2020, titled Responding to cybersecurity threats.

Newsday elaborated on the response to cybersecurity attacks in Trinidad and Tobago by Russian ransomware gangs. Arising cybercrimes causes companies to lose millions to regain access to their data.

Key Points

  • As stated by Newsday the hacks that had previously gone public were pranks and ransomware is a different level attack, therefore, it is quite surprising when the police response to cybersecurity crimes on one of the country’s biggest insurance companies is disengaging and casual.
  • ANSA MCAL had fallen victim to the ransomware attack has the advanced technology to manage these attacks however not the situation for all businesses. Therefore, Newsday further explained that preventive education to cyberattacks is in demand and suggested to ensuring secured backups is essential for the continuation of a company.
  • Ransomware demands a ransom as stated by Newsday their goal is to make money and if companies respond to pay the ransom, therefore, be an easy target and prone to future attacks.



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