Dominica is fighting cyber threats

Dominica News Online published an article on July 28th, 2014, about Dominica combating cyber threats.

Dominica takes its first step towards digital safety passing cybersecurity legislation. This has been a long-advised recommendation by many cybersecurity specialist and organizations to Caribbean states and now Dominica is has decided to heed the advice.


Key points:

  • Minister for Information, Telecommunications and Constituency Empowerment, Ambrose George, stated that the government of Dominica has enacted cybersecurity legislation as a first step towards combating this growing threat to the economy.
  • Speaking at the opening ceremony for Cybercrime Forensics training the Minister explained that a draft preliminary report on Dominica’s Cyber Security Needs Assessment has been submitted by the international partners to his Ministry and will be presented to cabinet.
  • Minister Ambrose has stated that report outlines to collaborate with international organizations and institutions in developing best practices which are aimed at benefiting the economy. George pointed out that the workshop is hoped to produce solid recommendations on the development of the National Cybercrime Strategy and Policy with significant importance attached legislative framework and institutional structure.
  • OAS representative in Dominica, Dennis Moses, added that the island is an exception in its momentum to improve cyber resilience. He asserted that “Only 37 countries globally have such strategies.”
  • Mention was made that Dominica could be a model for other small island states which experience difficulty mitigating cybersecurity vulnerabilities, both from technical and policy perspectives.
  • The country plans to strengthen the understanding of cyber forensics and cyber incident response as a technical incident response and cybercrime investigation were brought to the attention of the OAS. Moses further highlighted that law must be enforced in both the cyber and physical space and can only be done by equipping authorities with the proper tools.



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