Barbados Computer Misuse Act to be updated

The Barbados Advocate published an article on September 23, 2020, about Government to Update Computer Misuse Act.

A win for Senator Kay McConney, Minister of Innovation, Science and Smart Technology in Barbados as the Government moves to update the Computer Misuse Act shortly after her addressing concerns at the Fortinet’s virtual forum.


Key points:

  • After Senator Kay McConney, Minister of Innovation, Science and Smart Technology (MIST) voiced her concerns at the Fortinet’s virtual forum. The Government is making provisions to update the Computer Misuse Act.
  • Senator McConney’s speeches made the government aware that the current Computer Misuse Act had become outdated amidst the rapidly evolving pace of cybercrime. The need for strengthening of general the legal frameworks to meet the highest regional and international standards and to promote a safe cyberspace environment became painfully clear.
  • The Senator noted that there is also a need for procedural tools for investigations and addressing the issue of territoriality in border-crossing investigations. Stressing the reality that the frameworks put in place must be as progressive as the current pace of the digital space.
  • McConney then asserted plans of drafting legislation to include security for network and information systems. Detailing that this would include a mandate that operators of essential services and key digital service providers implement robust controls and cyber-security incident response mechanisms that would protect their systems against cyber-threats.
  • She revealed that a draft for the country’s National Security Strategy and Action plan has already been prepared due to collaborations with international partners, including the Organization of American States. Seeking to emphasize developing a national cyber-security mindset, their robust legal framework, incident responses capabilities, critical infrastructural protection, and international cooperation.



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