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Teens must be vigilant of online predators

The Jamaica Observer posted an article on February 17, 2021, about <overview>. Below are some key highlights.

  • “The greatest threat to our Internet usage is that we are in the age of information overload and there are things that we need to be careful about,” said Kee.
  • “We ought to understand as young persons and teenagers that once you are 12 and over, you become accountable [and can be] arrested for a crime within our country,” said Inspector Powell.
  • A cybersecurity report showed that data breach had catapulted by 150 per cent in 2019.
  • Inspector Powell advised the the young people: 1.
  • Summit participants were warned about sexual exploitation and cyberbullying, which are notable online crimes targeting teens.
  • “With online crimes, they are generally associated with sexual offences because normally when persons are lured online, especially our females, there are some aspects of sexual exploitation.
  • Inspector Powell classified cyberbullying as “unwanted behaviour that is threatening, obscene and/or menacing in nature”, noting that is accounted for in the Cyber Crimes Act of 2015.
  • Referenced a 2019 study that showed that “34 per cent of its participants were cyberbullied and of the general study, 20 per cent of them did not fee inclined to go to school”.
  • Inspector Powell urged individuals to report suspicious activity to the police in person or by phone.
  • “In communicating any report as it relates to a breach of the law, and if you’re making reference to a breach of the cybercrimes legislation or the Sexual Offenses Act, you can visit any station across the island and make your report,” said the law enforcement official.
  • “Whist the stations will contact C-TOC by virtue of the fact that our cybercrimes department lies there for technical assistance, it does not prevent any citizen of Jamaica from visiting a police station to make a report, or to call to ask for advice,” added Inspector Powell.


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