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The Caribbean needs to improve its cyber security

The Jamaica Observer posted an article on May 15, 2018, about the Caribbean being encouraged to improve their Cyber Security. Below are some key highlights:

  • BRIDGETOWN, Barbados (CMC) – Caribbean countries have been urged to strengthen their cyber security, more so in light of the recent introduction by the European Union of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) cyber security legislation.
  • Under the GDPR, any entity, government or private, that has the information of any EU citizen or business would be mandated to put measures in place to adequately protect the information.
  • Failure to do so would result in an organisation or company being held liable for any information lost during a cyber-attack, and fined up to four per cent of its global turnover, or up to Euro 20 million.
  • EU citizens have the right to have their data erased from an entity’s database.
  • Cyber security is no longer an option, it is mandatory for us to get up-to-date,” Leacock said, warning that Caribbean countries were highly vulnerable to hacks.



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