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Barbados Underground published an article on October 7, 2013, about Caribbean Cyber Security Awareness Month. Here’s a quick summary for you.

Seeing that October is Global Cybersecurity Awareness Month, it remains important the Barbados populous is educated on the various internet risks, threats, and vulnerabilities.

Everyone in Barbados has a role to play in promoting effective cybersecurity as Barbados and the wider Caribbean are being targeted with evolving threats.  This is especially important seeing we live in a growing technological age which brings forth convenience such as online banking and usage of smart devices.

To address these issues, the Caribbean Cyber Security Center is raising cybersecurity awareness in Barbados and to work across all levels of government, the private sector, and internationally to combat network compromises and child internet exploitation.

The Child Online Protection Program (COP) is based out of Barbados to protect minors online. Children are our most valuable assets and have a human right to develop and reach their full potential without bias or internet exploitation. This is consistent with the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which pledges the fundamental rights of every child.

Other Caribbean initiatives such as “One Laptop Per Child” aims to expand the minds of children through technology and emphasizes on the “Do’s and Don’ts” when interacting with the internet. These initiatives are being spread to other Caribbean islands such as Curacao and Jamaica.


Reference: barbadosunderground.net

Contributed by Racquel Bailey from Jamaica. Racquel is a member of the WISC Discord group from the G5 Cyber Security Foundation Ltd. Learn more about WISC (Women in InfoSec Caribbean) at wiscaribbean.org. WISC is a non-profit initiative supporting  Caribbean women and girls to develop a career in Information Security.

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