Internet safety – Think before you click

DPI Guyana published an article on March 19th, 2019 about the internet safety event, “Think before you click”.

The event which was hosted at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre was directed at female high school students to bring online safety awareness and was a lead up to Girls in ICT Day set for April.

Key points:

  • The event was facilitated by the National Frequency Management Unit (NFMU) and featured female high school students from six schools across the country.
  • The NFMU Facilitator, Melissa Layne said that the ICT sector is among the fastest-growing sectors and the primary focus was to equip young girls with the necessary knowledge to protect themselves from online threats.
  • Managing Director of the NFMU, Valmikki Singh mentioned the importance of getting more girls involved in the ICT sector.
  • “Worldwide, women, and girls are very underrepresented in the information and communications technology sector. That is a big problem because almost half of the creativity and innovativeness and the approach to problem-solving comes from half of our population and that is not something, we can afford to continue any longer”, Mr. Singh stated.
  • Facilitator Ms. Layne’s presentation featured an interactive session that taught the students how oversharing information on social media can pose a threat to their online safety, which websites are safe and not safe along with how ads can be a bait for stealing personal information.
  • The girls were very enthusiastic about what they learned at the event and shared views about their love for information technology and that how they found it engaging to learn how they can protect themselves while surfing the internet.



Contributed by: Jason Jacobs from Guyana. Jason is a member of the CCST Discord group from the G5 Cyber Security Foundation Ltd. Learn more about CCST (Caribbean Cyber Support Team) by visiting CCST is a collaborative group on the Discord platform for Caribbean people in IT, from beginners to experts.

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