The US and Cuba discuss cyber security

Caribbean Council posted an article on January 15, 2018, about Cuba and US discussing cyber security and cyber crime. Below are some key highlights:

  • Little information was provided on the issues discussed but a short Cuban press notice said that the delegations of both countries shared the view on the importance of advancing cooperation in the area, and agreed to continue holding such technical meetings in future
  • The Cuban delegation was composed of representatives of the ministries of the Interior, Communications and Foreign Affairs while the US delegation was composed of officials of the departments of Homeland Security, Justice and the State Department
  • NBC said that over a eighteen month period Cuba had handed over intelligence on at least 17 cybercrime cases where the internet addresses used in a suspected identity theft scheme had been traced to the US for both the suspected attackers and potential victims. It quoted Cuban officials as saying they had notified a special cyber security team at the Department of Homeland Security about hacking attacks aimed at Cuban networks, apparently originating from IP addresses in the United States
  • The reports said that OSRI, which is attached to the Ministry of Communications (Mincom), has a cyber incidents response team to manage incidents to stop them escalating
  • He told Granma that while the organisation was trying to ensure greater cyber security awareness among users, the Ministry was working separately to create a regulatory framework around ICT security, to be able to address policy issues surrounding the computerisation of Cuban society


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