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The Government of the Virgin Islands published a post titled Speech From The Throne – Driving BVI Innovation Through Legislation. Below are some key highlights:

  • On Thursday, 5 November 2020 – 1:45pm, Speech from the throne was delivered by
    his excellency the governor Mr. Augustus J.U Jaspert in the First Sitting of the Third Session of the Fourth House of Assembly.
  • As is the tradition, and is the case in most Commonwealth countries and British Overseas Territories, the Speech from the Throne outlines the elected Government’s Legislative Agenda to pursue in the Third Session of the Fourth House of Assembly.
  • The Virgin Islands Scholarship Programme Policy (2014) will be revised to ensure that this programme remains sustainable and adequately supports the training and workforce needs of the Territory.
  • There will be amendments to the Social Security Board Act seeking to bring the legislation in line with international best practice and ensure that the best decisions are taken regarding the benefits to be received by the people of the Virgin Islands.
  • The legislation will be revised to align its provisions with the Virgin Islands Constitution while maintaining its original objectives to repeal and replace the Prison Ordinance (CAP.166) and modernise the Territory’s legal framework with respect to the management and security of prisons, and the safe custody and rehabilitation of inmates.
  • The proposed legislation will focus on the protection of health, safety and welfare of building occupants, guarantee safety, and all the while helping to protect the integrity of the professions.
  • This year, the Government set out to revisit the Virgin Islands National Youth Policy and Strategic Objectives (2014-2019) in an effort to update the policy with the status quo of its young people. the Government will seek to amend the Immigration and Passport Act (CAP.



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