Overseas Cyber Security firms are supporting Jamaican businesses

The Jamaica Gleaner published an article on July 17, 2020, about Jamaican Businesses Investing In UK Cybersecurity Services. Here’s a summary:

There has been a noticeable increase in Jamaican businesses investing in British cybersecurity services in recent months, which is reasonable as there is an increase in the number of internet-based transactions and electronic payments which requires a robust cybersecurity network. The success of UK businesses signals the commitment of Jamaican businesses to mitigate risks associated with online activities while protecting their consumers.

The investment is a win-win for British IT suppliers and local companies as the threat of cybercrime to businesses and vulnerabilities is fast rising. The British High Commissioner to Jamaica, Asif Ahmad stated that their cybersecurity sector is valued at over £20 billion and essential investments are being made to become the world leader in the field. It is encouraging to see Jamaica playing a lead role in the region, at the government level through the national cybersecurity policy announcement. Cybersecurity remains high on the British High Commission’s and the UK’s Department for International Trade (DIT) agenda with plans on showcasing UK’s expertise in cybersecurity in collaboration with key stakeholders.


Source: http://jamaica-gleaner.com/article/news/20200717/jamaican-businesses-investing-uk-cybersecurity-services

Contributed by Racquel Bailey from Jamaica. Racquel is a member of the WISC Discord group from the G5 Cyber Security Foundation Ltd. Learn more about WISC (Women in InfoSec Caribbean) at wiscaribbean.org. WISC is a non-profit initiative supporting Caribbean women and girls to develop a career in Information Security.

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