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Monthly HTTPS Statistics for Grenada – January 2021

Below are our monthly statistics of HTTPS Usage in Grenada, based on our analysis of identified business domains.

PS. You can download the statistics as a single PDF document and all the images (in a zip folder) of the countries and territories analysed for HTTPS this month.

As at Jan 5, 2021, 50% (239 of 481) of business domains in Grenada automatically load over HTTPS based on our analysis. These domains relate to businesses that are operating locally in Antigua and Grenada.

  • Download the PDF only – Click here
  • Download both PDF and all images – Click here
  • View the post with all images and statistics –  Click here
  • Download our 2021 Caribbean Cyber Security and Privacy Report (CSPR), launched October 3, 2020. It’s a report that analysed a whole bunch of different things across the Caribbean – Click here

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Why is HTTPS important? What happens if a website doesn’t have HTTPS?

HTTPS prevents websites from having their information broadcast in a way that’s easily viewed by anyone snooping on the network. When information is sent over regular HTTP, the information is broken into packets of data that can be easily “sniffed” using free software. This makes communication over an unsecured medium, such as public Wi-Fi, highly vulnerable to interception. In fact, all communications that occur over HTTP occur in plain text, making them highly accessible to anyone with the correct tools, and vulnerable to on-path attacks.

With HTTPS, traffic is encrypted such that even if the packets are sniffed or otherwise intercepted, they will come across as nonsensical characters.  – Cloudflare. You can learn more about HTTPS by clicking HERE.

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