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Member Feature – Lomar Lilly (Jamaica)

Who is Lomar Lilly?

Lomar wears many hats under the umbrella of Information Security Consultant with Symptai Consulting Ltd in Jamaica and a member of the CCST group. Lomar has acquired many prestigious certifications from recently becoming an Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) to others such as CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst+. He is passionate about the field of Cyber Security and enjoys giving clients peace of mind through his expertise.

We caught up with Lomar, who answered a few questions for us.

How did you get started in Tech?

My brother is a Software Developer, and I grew up watching him build things, my interest was piqued. I started my journey in Technology following my brother’s advice to enrol in university to pursue a degree in Information Technology. My aim was to become a Software Developer like my brother.

How did you make the switch from Software Developer to Security Consultant?

My interest in Security started as a hobby. When I learnt there were games/competitions that I could compete in, I started signing up and partaking in a few.

Some colleagues, from university, and I signed up for a reverse engineering competition put on by the University of North Carolina, USA. Reverse engineering wasn’t my strongest area; however, my team was able to secure placing 7th out of 24 teams. Majority of what we implemented or had to implement, we learnt during the competition.

I was sponsored by my university, University of Technology, Jamaica, to attend the award ceremony. In being in North Carolina for a week, I had the opportunity to be a part of UNC’s Security Major programme. It was very intense, in the end, the professor of the Security Major programme asked if I had ever considered becoming a Security Professional.

Not knowing where exactly to start looking, I ended up researching jobs in Information Security overseas as it did not seem lucrative as a role in Jamaica.

If you weren’t in Tech, what other path would you have taken?

Music, 100%. From I was a child, I always said I wanted to become a Musicologist. I still make music in my spare time.

Instruments I play are drums, bass, the keyboard, and guitar.

Any crucial advice to others interested in a similar career?

My advice is to find the area within Information Security that really interests you. If they aren’t sure where to start, the best thing is to first know the different areas that currently exist. There is Forensics, Pen-testing, Blue teaming. Once they identify the path, they can start developing a game plan to figure out where they want to be tomorrow. There are so many different certification and opportunities; it is easy to get lost. My main advice, figure out what in security their interest lies then build a roadmap to get there, so they aren’t bouncing around wasting time.

Any final encouragement?

Yes, you don’t have to be a technical person to be interested in the field. I have heard many interesting stories of people leaving various professional paths to enter IT via Security which also has not so technical paths such as Compliance, Governance, Privacy.

You can reach Lomar within the CCST group, on LinkedIn at or on Twitter at


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