Doctors must comply with Jamaica’s Data Protection Act

The Jamaica Observer posted an article on February 22, 2021, about the need for Doctor’s to comply with Jamaica’s Data Protection Act (DPA). Below are some key highlights:

  • Mr. Cameron has warned operators of medical practices to get their houses in order as far as the security of patients’ confidential details are concerned, to escape the penalties associated with not doing so under the pending Data Protection Act.
  • In pointing out that data held by medical professionals do not belong to them and should not be used outside of the purpose for which it was given, he noted that “there may be equally dire consequences if you cannot account to the data subject for this personal data.
  • “The information commissioner can now come into your practice and find that you have not treated with the personal data in a manner expected and fine you, or worse yet, tell you to stop processing all personal data until you have put the appropriate security measures in place. That means bringing your practice to a temporary halt,” he warned.
  • “It is the thinking that if Amber [developers of the application] in this recent data breach, had gone through this exercise, it is very likely they would have identified this breach,” the attorney suggested.



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