Data breach at Campari affects operations

The Jamaica Gleaner published an article titled Campari Data Breach Slows Local Operations on December 27, 2020.

A global malware breach affecting the group operations of J.Wray & Nephew’s parent company, Campari resulted in the company reverting to manual processes to continue business operations.

Below are some key points:

  • The hack occurred at a period when other global databases were being frequently attacked. Due to covid-19 staff works remotely which extends the boundaries of corporate networks, making them more susceptible to attacks.
  • The hack did not negatively affect the sales even though they were forced to revert to manual procedures for some business operations, some peripheral or secondary services remain temporarily suspended; some deliberately for security reasons. This resulted in reduced functionality and their teams working longer.
  • Campari in Europe discovered the hack in November which led to a series of investigations. It is reported that the breach potentially impacted a database of about 6,000 employees, consultants, and former workers. It also affected more than 10,000 customers – active and inactive – suppliers and business partners. It may have also affected stakeholders, including journalist
  • The affected data includes contracts, email, telephone numbers, identification information, other personal data, and accounting data mainly relating to the company’s US subsidiary, Campari America. Information such as Banking data, including credit card information was not affected.
  • Campari recommended that concerned suppliers or stakeholders and people should not respond to suspicious requests or messages, especially concerning payments, passwords, or bank account information nor to open any link unless it is coming from reliable sources.



Contributed by Sassania Hibbert from Jamaica. Sassania is a member of our Women in InfoSec Caribbean (WISC) initiative on Discord. WISC is a non-profit initiative supporting Caribbean women and girls to develop a career in Information Security.

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