Cyber stalker sent to prison

The Jamaica Observer posted an article on July 27, 2020, about a cyber-stalker getting 4 years in prison. Below are some key highlights:

  • Less than two months after their office romance ended, Ahmad Kazzelbach began tampering with the email and social media accounts of the Baltimore woman who broke up with him.
  • Kazzelbach, 27, of Pasadena, Maryland, was sentenced on Monday to four years in prison for his online harassment of the woman, who is identified by her initials “JK” in court records.
  • US District Judge James Bredar said Kazzelbach repeatedly lied to police and court officials to essentially “wage war” against his ex-girlfriend.
  • “I couldn’t sleep and I was pretty much crying the whole time, being scared because he was using the law to harass me,” she said.
  • When she logged into her Facebook account, she saw the words “You took my boyfriend” had been added under her profile photo. He refused to consent to a full download.



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