Cyber Security policy and legislative landscape in Latin America and Caribbean states

IGI Global published a book written by Michelle Moore titled Cybersecurity breaches and issues surrounding online threat protection. Here’s a quick summary just for you.

Chapter 2 of this book contains The Development of Cybersecurity Policy and Legislative Landscape in Latin America and the Caribbean States. This has details on cybersecurity development in the Caribbean, as with the rise of technology in this region, there was also a rise in cyber threats.

Here are some facts about Antigua and Barbuda provided in this chapter.

  • Antigua and Barbuda were amongst one of the islands who had their government website taken down from actors associated with the Islamic State.
  • In 2013 Antigua and Barbuda had an issue with hackers targeting email accounts. These hackers intersected emails using a recognized email and caused funds from transactions to be wired to overseas bank accounts, thus harming local businesses.
  • The Electronic Transfer of Funds Crimes Act (2006), the Electronics Crimes Act, Electronic Evidence Act, and Data Protection Act were created in this nation after an increase in companies and online bank accounts being hacked.
  • The organization tasked with dealing with these cyber issues is the Regional Cyber Investigation Laboratory of the Royal Police Force. They investigate both local cyber threats and regional.



Contributed by: Chanthea Quinland from Antigua and Barbuda. Chanthea is a member of the WISC Discord group from the G5 Cyber Security Foundation Ltd. Learn more about WISC (Women in InfoSec Caribbean) at WISC is a non-profit initiative supporting  Caribbean women and girls to develop a career in Information Security.

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