Cyber security needs to be higher on company’s agenda

Curacao Chronicle posted an article on June 19, 2017, titled Only 1 Out Of 5 Companies Has Cyber Security High On The Agenda. Below are some key highlights:

  • WILLEMSTAD – Worldwide almost daily Cyber-attacks are experienced by companies with most of the time severe consequences for the continuity of the business and its services to clients
  • Governments and global regulators are increasingly challenging Board Members to actively demonstrate diligence in the area of Cyber Security. They expect sensitive information to be protected and systems to be resilient to both cyber incidents as deliberate attacks
  • The KPMG research shows that 84% of the surveyed companies in the Caribbean pay insufficient attention to Cyber Security. “Taking the recent global and regional cyber-attacks into consideration, one may wonder why the sense of urgency of Boards of Directors and Senior Executives is not much higher” says, Mrs Elaine Oleana, in charge of the Cyber Security services at KPMG DC&S
  • The most important highlights of the KPMG benchmark study results for the Dutch Caribbean and Suriname are: Cyber Security as a ‘Board Responsibility’ is reported in only 6% of the cases, which is significantly lower than in the rest of the Caribbean (11%) and in the total of companies surveyed (20%)
  • In only 6% of the companies operating in the Dutch Caribbean and Suriname, Cyber Security is mentioned as a sentence or as a full paragraph



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