Caribbean Governments need help to defend their borders

The Curacao Chronicle published an article on May 10, 2017, authored by Deon Olton, titled “Cyber Security: “Can Caribbean Governments Defend Theirs Borders Alone?”

Mr. Olton was concerned that the Caribbean government has been highlighted as an easy target for the penetration of their systems. He believes that with proper planning in place, we can mitigate against these cyber threats within our borders.

Key points from this article:

  • The Panama Papers, the $150M cyber robbery from a Jamaican bank, reports of Isis hijacking regional websites, customers local and regional being hit with ransomware attacks are all indicators that we need to adopt a different approach.
  • Martin Van Nes stated there is insufficient awareness about cybercrime among residents, within the business community, especially in the Government
  • Administrators are unable to defend the integrity, availability, confidentiality, and sovereignty of Caribbean data and information technology resources without help.
  • The Caribbean Cyber Security Center (CCSC) has developed a team to support Caribbean governments in gaining independent validation and verification assessment and guidance to an improved security posture with reduced risks of exploitation.
  • A security action plan will be developed which will be used as a guide for private and public sector organizations to ensure the relevant level of security controls are in place to protect systems from digital pirates.



Contributed by Siobhan Wilson from Jamaica. Siobhan is a member of our Women in InfoSec Caribbean (WISC) initiative on Discord. WISC is a non-profit initiative supporting Caribbean women and girls to develop a career in Information Security.

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