Bahamas is improving its Cyber Security

The Bahamas is taking steps to improve its security, below are some highlights.

  • The National Cyber Security Project, started in January and officially launched in February at national level, aims to help assess current Bahamian capabilities in this rapidly evolving field, as well as develop its National Cybersecurity Strategy.
  • The Bahamas has launched a project with ITU to set up a national Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT) to help protect the small island country’s critical digital infrastructure and data.
  • “The creation of this National Cybersecurity Strategy will help with review and further implementation of cyber legislation for the protection of citizens and clients,” he said.
  • The Bahamas, like other small island developing states in the Caribbean, needs to provide a safe online environment that minimizes any risks associated with online service provision.
  • The project is set for full implementation by the end of 2022, with interim steps including six months of ITU support help the CIRT reach maturity.
  • About 98% of the media sector is held by three conglomerates.
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