A third security vulnerability in JamCOVID

Tech Crunch posted an article on February 26, 2021, about Jamaica’s JamCOVID being taken offline after a third security lapse that exposed travellers’ data. Below are some key highlights.

  • Jamaica’s JamCOVID app and website were taken offline late on Thursday following a third security lapse, which exposed quarantine orders on more than half a million travellers to the island.
  • Quarantine orders are issued by the Jamaican Ministry of Health and instruct travellers to stay in their accommodation for two weeks to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • More than 500,000 quarantine orders were exposed, some dating back to March 2020.
  • TechCrunch shared those details with the Jamaica Gleaner, who was the first to report on the security lapse after the news outlet verified the data spillage with local cybersecurity experts. At the time of publication, the site had returned.
  • Amber Group’s chief executive Dushyant Savadia did not return a request for comment.



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