Unfazed by Microsoft’s criticism, Google discloses another Windows 8.1 flaw

Google published details of an elevation of privilege vulnerability affecting Windows 8.1 on January 11, 2015. Microsoft initially said that they are aiming to provide a fix in February 2015, and asked for an extension of the disclosure deadline. Google’s inflexibility when it comes to disclosing vulnerabilities its researchers have found has been recently publicly criticized by Chris Betz, Senior Director of the Microsoft Security Response Center, who said that this behavior is endangering users. Microsoft has confirmed that fixes for the flaw will be provided in January’s Patch Tuesday, which falls on January 13, two days after the deadline.

Source: https://www.helpnetsecurity.com/2015/01/13/unfazed-by-microsofts-criticism-google-discloses-another-windows-81-flaw/

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