Jamaica ranks high for Cyber Security in the Caribbean

Jamaicans.com published an article in 2017 about Jamaica Ranking #1 in the region for Cyber Security.

In the article, Dr. Wheatly stated that Jamaica has been noticed on an international level due to its efforts in Cyber Security.

Here are some key points from the article:

  • The nation was at the top in the Caribbean, on the global level for cyber security index.
  • Jamaica was one of 134 nations to answer to questions in 2016, from the international telecommunication union (ITU).
  • The questions were given online and were used to determine the devotion to make improvements in cyber security through legislation, capacity building, cooperation, projects, and programs.
  • Wheatley was hopeful for the steps being made by the cyber Incident response unit (CFCU) and said that much more still must be done.
  • He said that the Jamaican government is making progress to make cyber security stronger with its efforts to bring across public education.
  • He is confident that Jamaica will continue to make great strides in improving cyber security on a global level.

Reference: jamaicans.com

Contributed by: Tahjay k. Thompson from Jamaica. Tahjay is a member of the CCST Discord group from the G5 Cyber Security Foundation Ltd. Learn more about CCST (Caribbean Cyber Support Team) by visiting caribbeancst.org. CCST is a collaborative group on the Discord platform for Caribbean people in IT, from beginners to experts.

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