Does wireless card need to be on same channel as AP to sniff beacon frames?


* Yes, the wireless card needs to be on the same channel as the access point (AP) in order to capture and analyze beacon frames.


1. Introduction
* Beacon frames are control frames used by access points (APs) to inform devices of their presence within a particular wireless network. These frames contain important information such as the SSID, supported rates, channel width, and other parameters related to the operation of the AP.
2. Importance of Capturing Beacon Frames
* Capturing beacon frames is crucial for various purposes such as penetration testing, network troubleshooting, and analyzing wireless network traffic. By analyzing these frames, one can gain valuable insights into the network’s configuration, security settings, and potential vulnerabilities.
3. Wireless Card Channel Configuration
* A wireless card operates on a particular channel within the available frequency range (e.g., 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz). The AP also operates on a specific channel within the same frequency range. In order to capture beacon frames, the wireless card must be configured to operate on the same channel as the AP.
4. Capturing Beacon Frames Using Wireshark
* One popular tool for capturing and analyzing wireless network traffic is Wireshark. To capture beacon frames using Wireshark, follow these steps:
1. Install and run Wireshark on your computer.
2. Click “Capture” and select the appropriate wireless interface (e.g., “WLAN Adapter Wi-Fi”).
3. In the “Interface list” panel, click the “Options” button and ensure that the correct channel is selected for capture.
4. Start the capture process and wait for beacon frames to appear in the Wireshark interface.


* Capturing beacon frames requires the wireless card to be on the same channel as the AP. By configuring the wireless card correctly and using tools such as Wireshark, one can gain valuable insights into a wireless network’s configuration and security settings.

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