Do I have a IP leak if I use Tor and Skype/UDP?


+ Does using Tor and Skype/UDP result in an IP leak?
+ Explanation of what an IP leak is
+ How to check for an IP leak
+ Steps to prevent an IP leak when using Tor and Skype/UDP



1. What is an IP Leak?
– An IP (Internet Protocol) leak occurs when an application or software inadvertently reveals your real IP address instead of the one provided by a VPN or proxy server. This can happen due to various reasons such as outdated software, malware infection, or improper configuration.
2. Do I have an IP Leak if I use Tor and Skype/UDP?
– The answer is not straightforward as it depends on several factors including your setup and the security measures you take while using these applications.
3. How to check for an IP leak
– To ensure that there are no IP leaks, follow these steps:
1. Disable Tor and Skype/UDP and check your public IP address by visiting a website such as
2. Enable Tor and Skype/UDP and repeat the above step to check if your IP address has changed.
3. If your IP address remains the same, then there is an IP leak.
4. Steps to prevent an IP leak when using Tor and Skype/UDP
– Here are some steps you can take to prevent IP leaks:
1. Update all software and applications including Tor and Skype before use.
2. Use a reputable antivirus program to scan your computer for malware.
3. Configure both Tor and Skype/UDP properly, making sure that they are set up to use the correct proxy settings.
4. Avoid using any other software or applications that may interfere with the Tor network while using it.
5. Consider using a VPN in conjunction with Tor for added security and privacy.


– While Tor is designed to provide anonymity online, it’s not foolproof. Therefore, taking additional steps to prevent IP leaks is crucial when using Tor and Skype/UDP together. By following the above steps, you can minimize the risk of an IP leak and ensure your privacy and security online.

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