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Puerto Rico commits $7.6M to boost cybersecurity

Puerto Rico commits $7.6M to boost cybersecurity efforts after string of embarrassing attacks. Government-sponsored Industrial Development Company transferred $2.6 million earmarked for pension payments into a foreign bank account after receiving a phishing email. Puerto Rican firefighting department in October 2020 acknowledged a ransomware attack demanding $600,000. Earlier this year, the Puerto Rican Senate suspended…

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Cuba ransomware group claims attack on Montenegro government

Cuba ransomware group claims to have received files belonging to Montenegrin government’s Department for Public Relations. Agency for National Security (ANB) said on Saturday that it was “under a hybrid war at the moment” Minister Maras Dukaj said on Thursday that ‘certain services’ had been taken offline amid ‘multiple’ cyber attacks. Montenegrin ANB website is…

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Zyxel launches ZyWALL ATP firewalls with deep learning

Zyxel Communications announced ZyWALL Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) Firewalls that bring artificial intelligence and deep learning network security to small- and medium-sized businesses. ZyWall ATP products are network security gateway solutions that combine signature-based malware detection with the ability to detect malware all on their own. In addition to that, ZyWalls ATP products also incorporate…

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