Can’t find cause of malware in WordPress site – adding html files with redirects


+ Identify the cause of malware in WordPress website
+ Remove malicious files from the server
+ Clean up and restore the infected website
+ Prevent future attacks

– Step 1: Identifying the Cause of Malware Infection
+ Use a reliable security plugin to scan the website for malware
+ Check file permissions and ownership to identify any unauthorized changes
+ Analyze recent updates, plugins or themes added
+ Scan the server logs for suspicious activity
+ Investigate the access logs for unusual traffic patterns
– Step 2: Removing Malicious Files from Server
+ Delete all malware files identified in step 1
+ Remove any suspicious or unknown files found during the scan
+ Check the entire WordPress core, plugins and themes folders for any malware presence
+ Use an FTP client to manually search for hidden files
– Step 3: Cleaning up and Restoring Infected Website
+ Create a backup of the website before making any changes
+ Update all WordPress plugins, themes and core software to their latest versions
+ Delete any

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