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YIKES! Hackers flood the web with 100,000 pages offering malicious PDFs

Cybercriminals are resorting to search engine poisoning techniques to lure business professionals into Google sites that install a Remote Access Trojan (RAT) The attack works by leveraging searches for business forms such as invoices, templates, questionnaires, and receipts as a stepping stone toward infiltrating the systems. Researchers from eSentire said it discovered over 100,000 unique…

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XLoader Windows InfoStealer Malware Now Upgraded to Attack macOS Systems

Malware dubbed "XLoader" is a successor to another well-known Windows-based info stealer called Formbook. Formbook is known to vacuum credentials from various web browsers, capture screenshots, record keystrokes, and download and execute files from attacker-controlled domains. XLoader is estimated to infected victims spanning across 69 countries between December 1, 2020, and June 1, 2021, with…

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Wormable DarkRadiation Ransomware Targets Linux and Docker Instances

Ransomware called "DarkRadiation" targets Linux and Docker cloud containers. The malware is written in Bash script and targets Red Hat/CentOS and Debian Linux distributions. It also uses Telegram's API to communicate with the C2 server via hardcoded API keys. As of writing, there's no information available on the delivery methods or evidence that the ransomware…

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