Are there any sources on how common the most frequently used passwords are?


– The use of weak and easily guessable passwords is a prevalent issue in cybersecurity.
– Various sources provide insights into the popularity of commonly used passwords.
– Understanding these trends can help individuals and organizations improve their password practices.

The topic of password security is an essential one that cannot be overemphasized. A weak password is a significant vulnerability that cybercriminals can exploit to gain unauthorized access to sensitive data, leading to identity theft, financial loss, or even sabotage. One way to measure the effectiveness of passwords is by examining their frequency of use.

There are several sources that provide insights into the popularity of commonly used passwords. These include:

1. SplashData – This company releases an annual list of the worst passwords based on data breaches and leaked databases. The most recent edition of their report reveals that “123456” and “password” remain the most commonly used passwords, with variations like “123456789” and “qwerty” also appearing in the top ten list.

2. NordPass – Another source is NordPass’s analysis of over 200 million leaked passwords. This study found that “123456” and “password” are still the most popular passwords, with “123456789” and “qwerty” also making an appearance in the top ten list.

3. Keeper Security – The company’s analysis of over 10 billion passwords revealed that the most commonly used password was still “123456,” followed by “password.” Other frequently used passwords included “123456789” and “qwerty.”

4. Gadgets Now – This source reports on a study by password management company Dashlane, which revealed that “123456” remains the most common password, followed by “123456789,” “password,” and “1234567.”

These sources indicate that weak and easily guessable passwords remain a significant issue in cybersecurity. Despite repeated warnings about the dangers of using such passwords, people continue to use them. This trend is concerning because weak passwords can be cracked quickly, leaving systems vulnerable to attacks.

In conclusion, understanding the frequency with which commonly used passwords are used is essential for individuals and organizations looking to improve their password practices. By being aware of these trends, it becomes easier to create stronger passwords that are less likely to be guessed or cracked by cybercriminals.

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