A DNS that has been eliminated is still resulting in X.509 Certificate Subject CN Does Not Match the Entity Name


+ The issue arises when a DNS server is removed, and yet the X.509 Certificate Subject CN does not match the entity name.
+ This can be due to various reasons such as an outdated certificate or improper configuration.
+ In this article, we will explore how to identify and resolve this issue.


+ The X.509 Certificate is a digital certificate that uses public key cryptography to authenticate the identity of an entity over the internet.
+ It contains information about the entity such as the Subject CN, which should match the entity name.
+ However, in some cases, the Subject CN does not match the entity name even after removing the DNS server.
– Possible Reasons for the Issue
+ Outdated Certificate
– + The certificate may have been updated with a new Subject CN but is still being referenced by the system.
– + This can be due to caching or incorrect configuration.
+ Improper Configuration
– + The configuration of the server may not be correctly set up, leading to the issue.
– + This could be due to a mistake during the setup process or changes made to the system.
– Steps to Identify and Resolve the Issue
1. Check Certificate Validity
+ Ensure that the certificate is valid and not expired.
+ If it has expired, update the certificate with the correct Subject CN.
2. Check DNS Configuration
+ Verify if the DNS configuration is correctly set up.
+ If not, update the DNS configuration to ensure that it matches the entity name.
3. Clear Cache
+ Clear the cache on the server to ensure that the old certificate is removed.
+ This can be done by restarting the server or using specific commands depending on the system.
4. Verify Configuration
+ Verify the configuration of the server after making any changes.
+ Ensure that the Subject CN matches the entity name and that the DNS configuration is correct.


+ The issue of a DNS being eliminated but still resulting in an X.509 Certificate Subject CN not matching the entity name can be resolved by following the steps outlined above.
+ It is essential to identify the root cause of the issue and take appropriate action to resolve it.

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